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There are few businesses affected more by a bad reputation than a restaurant.  In today’s world of information, your restaurant/business reputation can quickly become tarnished online by one unsatisfied client, an angry former employee or even competitors posting false and negative reviews.

According to a recent study, 4 out of 5 consumers have changed their mind about doing business with a company solely on negative information found online.  Restaurant and other service providers can no longer afford to let unhappy customers complain.  A business owner/manager must be proactive and control those complaints before they affect their online reputation, costing them sales and revenues.

Most businesses have a lot of raving fans.  However, if they are kept a secret..then nobody will know about them.  One happy customer talking about your business is worth more than any advertising that can be purchased.  However, the opposite side of the coin is that one unhappy customer can do more damage than any expensive advertising campaign can overcome.

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